1. Either use "Start->Programs->Spectromancer->Buy Online" menu item, or "Click to purchase" button at the top of in-game menu screen. This will open a webpage where you can purchase a game activation code.
  2. Run the game, use "Click to purchase" button and enter the code (you can use Shift+Insert to paste it).

Important notes about game activation:

  • Internet connection is required to activate the game. If your computer is not connected (or connected through a proxy) - please contact support for special instructions.
  • You can install and activate the game on multiple computers (up to 5). Re-activation on the same computer is not counted. Computer hardware upgrade is counted.
  • If you reach the activation limit - please contact support to renew the code.
  • We reserve the right to block a code if it is shared in any way. In this case legitimate buyer can get a new code.
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